The Board of Friends of Ecological Reserves accepted as an Intervenor in the NEB hearings into the Kinder-Morgan Pipeline expansion.

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Just issued today: The Board of Friends of Ecological Reserves is included as one of the 400 intervenors accepted out of the 2118 who had applied to present to the National Energy Board as an Intervenor in Kinder Morgan’s proposed expansion of the pipeline through Alberta and British Columbia.

Our application submitted in early February is shown here:

We are listed on page 12 of the PDF:

Index of other documents relating to the hearings:

ferlogoOther posts on this website re Oil spills and Ecological reserves :

Members of the Friends of Ecological Reserves who have concerns about the effects of chronic oil and catastrophic oil spills  on the marine Ecological Reserves on  Southern Vancouver Island are encouraged to contact us with their concerns.


Update  Dec 15, 2014

National Energy Board – Exhibit List for Hearing Order OH-001-2014 (A61576)

Our next opportunity for submission of questions to Kinder Morgan is January 12, 20124.

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