Submitting Articles to This Website

Contribute your articles and resources!!

For contributing your images and information for your ecological reserve web page on the FER website.

The Friends of Ecological Reserves has designed its website to make it easier for volunteer wardens, educators, researchers, and others with interests in ecological reserves to submit their field notes, annual reports and images for inclusion on a webpage devoted to each reserve.

We would also like to have any research articles , description of ongoing research, or references on a specific reserve sent. for the website as well.

Following are the directions to be able to do this. One does not need to know how to build a webpage since all that is needed are your contributions, and the pages will be assembled for you. If you are interested in contributing directly to the web page on your reserve, we can register you as an author so you can enter items directly.

If you already run a website which profiles a specific ecological reserve, then an index page will be produced which links to that page.

  1. From the “Contact Us ” page , you are directed to send your images or written text information to garryf [replace this with the @ sign]
    I will contact you when the post is up.
  2. Digital Images sent should be at least 500kb to 1 mg in size. They can be sent as an attachment to an e-mail or as a zipped file if there are a number of them.  If you wish acknowledgement for the photographer, we will provide that on the page on which they are posted.
  3. Be sure to provide thorough identification for every photo sent. Reserve/location of photo/significance of image etc.
  4. News articles, announcements, wardens reports etc. Should be sent as word documents, text files, rtf documents, but preferably not .pdfs.
  5. We do have limited time to scan  photos or articles, but if there are some particularly valuable ones for the records, you may send them to the ecoreserves address on the contact page.
  6. If you want to try to post your own materials go to this page and follow the directions in the images.

  7. I have added a translator for 8 languages to some of the website pages. If there are other languages that you wish to add, let us know and we will edit the script for the dropdown box below: