ER Proposals- 2014


Ecological Reserve Proposals

Many areas of the province have been proposed as Ecological Reserves but only some have made it through the approval process to become official Ecological Reserves of the Province.

However, below is some information about areas of the province that have been proposed as Ecological Reserves.

Recent List of ER proposals requiring urgent BC government attention:

PROPOSED ER #156 Elphinstone Park additions
PROPOSED ER #157 Eocene Fossil Sites 


List of ER Proposals



This is a link to a list of ER Proposals.

The proposed ERs have both a name and an Ecological Reserve Proposal number (ERP#). The document is in PDF format and contains both an alphabetical list and a list by ERP #.

The list represents a summary of ERs proposed at meetings between the years 1968 and 1984.


How are ERs Proposed??

For an overview of the process please see the summary provided under this page called:

Why Ecological Reserves“. About ER Proposals

Sometimes we publish news about ER Proposals.

a list of News items that are about ER Proposals.