The List of Issues and link to the NEB Hearing Process Overview.

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 We have highlighted in red the Issues on which the Board of Friends of Ecological Reserves are concentrating as  Intervenors.
Hearing Order OH-001-2014 Page | 18
Appendix I – List of Issues
1.The need for the proposed project.
2.The economic feasibility of the proposed project.
3.The potential commercial impacts of the proposed project.
4. The potential environmental and socio-economic effects of the proposed project,
including any cumulative environmental effects that are likely to result from the project,
including those required to be considered by the NEB’s Filing Manual
5.The potential environmental and socio-economic effects of marine shipping activities that would result from the proposed project, including the potential effects of accidents or malfunctions that may occur.
6.The appropriateness of the general route and land requirements for the proposed project.
7.The suitability of the design of the proposed project.
8.The terms and conditions to be included in any approval the Board may issue.
9. Potential impacts of the project on Aboriginal interests.
10. Potential impacts of the project on landowners and land use.
11. Contingency planning for spills, accidents or malfunctions, during construction and operation of the project.
12. Safety and security during construction of the proposed project and operation of the project, including emergency response planning and third-party damage prevention.
The Board does not intend to consider the environmental and socio-economic effects associated
with upstream activities, the development of oil sands, or the downstream use of the oil
transported by the pipeline.