Trout Creek Ecological Reserve Warden’s Report April 6, 2014

Posted April 6, 2014 | Categories : 7,Rare Species,Warden Reports |

Laurie Rockwell reports on his visit to the Trout Creek ER today.

  • It was a wonderful spring morning: 10c at 8:00 AM, some overcast, blue sky, some sun and brisk wind at times.
  • I saw or heard 12 species of birds including White-breasted, Pygmy and Red-breasted Nuthatches, an infrequently seen Downy Woodpecker, 2 Violet-green Swallows and 2 Dusky Grouse. A lone male was hooting half way to the top of the reserve and a lone female demurely walked close to me at the top. of the reserve.
  • Many plants were in leaf including the red listed DALLES MILK VETCH (Astragalus sclerocarpus); a few Arrow-leafed Balsam Root  (Balsamorhiza sagitatta) were in bud.Sagebrush Buttercups (Ranunculus glabberimus) were flowering profusely some areas.The only other flowering plants were Geyeri’s Lomatium (Lomatium geyeri ) and Large -Fruited Desert-Parsley(L.macrocrpum).
  • The best sighting,however, was a new species for the reserve: 2 YELLOW BELL (Fritillaria pudica) plants.
  • I saw only the tracks of deer and the evidence of antler rubbing on trees and the scat of coyote.
  • No early butterflies like Mourning Cloak.
  • there was no sign of human activity
  • fence repairs are still need as is the reattachment of the small gate along the fence just north of the 12th green of the golf course.