Ecological Reserves Needing Wardens .

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 List of ERs by BC Parks Administrative Region Lacking an ER Warden (as of Jan. 2021) From: Ecological Reserves Management Issues Summary 2021:  Update by Jenny Feick

The only region with no ER volunteer warden vacancies is the Thompson Okanagan Region.


Table 28: ER Warden Vacancies in the Caribou Region (8 vacancies out of 9 ERs)

ER# Name Land Area (ha) Location Purpose
35 Westwick Lake 27 S of Williams Lake shoreline grassland community surrounding an interior Chilcotin lake
53 Narcosli Lake 1098 Btwn Coglistiko & Baezaeko rivers waterfowl breeding grounds with well-developed aquatic communities
55 Cardiff Mtn 65 W of Taseko River


lava plateau, basalt columns and crater lake
64 Ilgachuz Range 2914 N of Anahim Lake


subalpine vegetation on the east side   of the coast mountains
65 Chasm 195 N of Clinton


ponderosa pine community at its   northern limit
70 Mt. Tinsdale 419 ESE of Barkerville


representative alpine and subalpine   communities
82 Cinema Bog 68 NNE of Quesnel


lowland black spruce and sphagnum bog
101 Doc English Bluff 52 SE of Williams Lake limestone cliffs, rare plants; colony of white throated swifts


Table 29: ER Warden Vacancies in the Kootenay Boundary Region (9 vacancies out of 11 ERs)

ER# Name Land Area (ha) Location Purpose
19 Mt Sabine 7.9 N of Canal Flats


mixed conifer forest community with montane climate east of Rocky Mountain Trench
20 Columbia Lake 32 East side of Columbia Lake flora associated with limestone soils
30 Vance Creek 49 N of Lumby Douglas-fir and Englemann spruce forests and riparian communities
31 Lew Creek 896 E of Upper Arrow Lake represents elevational transect of the inland rain forest
32 Evans Lake 185 Valhalla Provincial Park subalpine forest including a rare stand of yellow cedar
49 Kingfisher Creek 1495 Hunters Range, ESE of Sicamous


represents forest and subalpine  communities of the Monashee Mountains
56 Goosegrass Creek 2185 W of Columbia Reach, Kinbasket Lake a drainage basin with an elevational  gradient representing inland rainforests
61 Upper Shuswap River 70 E of Mabel lake


Western red cedar community in the inland rainforest
104 Gilnockie Creek 58 E of Kingsgate


mature western larch, seral lodgepole pine, small wetland


Table 30: ER Warden Vacancies in the Northeast Region (9 vacancies out of 11 ERs)

ER# Name Land Area (ha) Location Purpose
8 Clayhurst 316 S of Clayhurst eroding bluffs with Peace River parklands
46 Sikanni Chief River 2401 Headwaters of Sikanni Chief River Engelmann spruce at the northern edge of its range and subalpine lichens
47 Parker Lake 259 W of Fort Nelson extensive bog habitat with pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea)
62 Ft Nelson River 148 N of Fort Nelson and Muskwa rivers productive white spruce and alluvial black cottonwood stands
80 Smith River 1326 Near junction with Liard River representative of boreal black and white spruce communities
107 Chunamon Creek 344 NE of Germanson Landing two small drainages; Engelmann and white spruce
147 Grayling River Hot Springs 1421 67 km NE of Muncho Lake protects a nationally significant hot springs site and related natural values
148 Kotcho Lake 49 100 km ENE of Fort Nelson fresh water nesting colony of Herring, Mew and Bonaparte Gulls unique in B.C.
149 Portage Brulé Rapids 724 110 km SE of Watson Lake unique hot spring, river bank, and   forest environments along the Liard River




Table 31: ER Warden Vacancies in the Omineca Region (7 vacancies out of 15 ERs)

ER# Name Land Area (ha) Location Purpose
71 Blackwater Creek 243 NW of Mackenzie


boreal forest and portions of extensive lowland moor
85 Patsuk Creek 554 N of Mackenzie paper birch and other seral forest communities
86 Bednesti Lake 139 W of Prince George kettle lake wetland successional   sequence
87 Heather Lake 2914 NW of Mackenzie excellent example of an aspen stand
91 Raspberry Harbour 143 Willisten Lake NW of Finlay Forks high quality lodgepole pine stand for the benefit of forest research
134 Ellis Island .6 W of Vanderhoof on Fraser Lake inland breeding colony of Herring and   Ring-billed Gulls
152 Ospika Cones 1282 50 km ENE of the N end of Williston Lake protects fragile cones built by calcium rich springs; wildlife mineral lick


Table 32: ER Warden Vacancies in the Skeena Region (15 vacancies out of 23 ERs; 3 transferred to other agencies)

ER# Name Land Area (ha) Location Purpose
23 Moore/McKenney/Whitmore Islands 185 Eastern Hecate Strait seabird colony of approximately 100,000 birds primarily Rhinoceros Auklet
25 Dewdney and Glide Islands 3326 Eastern Hecate Strait seabird colony and extensive bog and   fen ecosystems of outer coastal islands
38 Takla Lake 240 E of Hazelton most northerly occurrence of   Douglas-fir in the BC interior
57 Chicken’s Neck Mountain 680 N of Dease Lake


climax stand of white spruce and subalpine fir
58 Blue/Dease Rivers 777 W of Lower Post


represents terrestrial and aquatic communities in a boreal forest
59 Ningunsaw River 2372 SE of Bob Quinn Lake coastal western hemlock near its  northern limit
63 Skeena River 91 Near mouth of Exchamsiks River mature black cottonwood stands on an alluvial floodplain
68 Gladys Lake 49 Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness   Provincial Park


the largest ER protecting alpine and subalpine habitat for Stone’s sheep, mountain goat and caribou
93 Lepas Bay 44 Off NW corner of Graham Island, Haida Gwaii


seabird colony of predominantly   Fork-tailed and Leach’s Storm-Petrels
102 Charlie Cole Creek 162 S of Teslin Lake unique cone-shaped cold-water mineral  springs used by ungulates as salt licks
103 Byers/Conroy/Harvey/Sinnett Islands 215 Hecate Strait, NW of Bella Bella important sea bird and marine mammal breeding area
114 Williams Creek 700 SE of Terrace representative coastal Western   hemlock forest and outstanding terraced bogs
115 Gingietl Creek 2,873 Upstream of mouth of the Nass River undisturbed watershed in coastal   western hemlock forest
133 Gamble Creek 1,026 E of Prince Rupert north coast forest bog complex, occurrence of Pacific silver fir near the northern limit
146 Catherine Creek 45 12 km SE of Hazelton represents an old growth western red   cedar forest in the Interior Cedar Hemlock moist cold subzone


Table 33: ER Warden Vacancies in the South Coast Region (1 vacancy out of 16 ERs; 1 transferred to another agency)

ER# Name Land Area (ha) Location Purpose
144 Yale Garry Oak Islands 11.65 E of Yale protects the most easterly isolated  Garry oak ecosystem


Table 34: ER Warden Vacancies in the West Coast Region (17 vacancies out of 47 ERs; 2 transferred to other agencies)

ER# Name Land Area (ha) Location Purpose
2 East Redonda Island 6212 N end of Georgia Strait, Northern Vancouver Island represents elevational transect in the coastal forests of the Gulf Islands
11 Sartine Island 30 part of Scott Islands, Northern Vancouver Island seabird colony suppor-ting approximately 3/4 of a million sea birds
12 Beresford Islands 13 part of Scott Islands, Northern Vancouver Island seabird colony suppor-ting over 150,000 sea-birds and 6,000 sea lions
13 Anne Vallee (Triangle Island) 119 outermost of Scott Islands, Northern Vancouver Island B.C.’s largest seabird and sea lion colony estimated to support one million birds
14 Solander Island 7.7 W of Brooks Peninsula, Southern Vancouver Island seabird colony in excess of 100,000   birds primarily Cassin’s Auklet
17 Canoe Islets .6 Near S end of Valdes Island, Northern Vancouver Island seabird colony originally established for cormorants and sea mammal haul out
18 Rose Islets 1 N of Reid Island, Southern Vancouver Island originally established for a cormorant colony, still used by seabirds
40 Kingcom River/Atlatzi River 414 Near head of Kingcome Inlet, Northern Vancouver Island rich alluvial valley bottom swamp   community in coastal forest
67 Satellite Channel 0 N of Saanich Peninsula, Southern Vancouver Island subtidal marine ecosystems
105 Megin River 50 NW of Tofino, Northern Vancouver Island typical west coast alluvial and upland forest
118 Nimkish River 19 N of Vernon Lake, Northern Vancouver Island representative sample of Canada’s tallest Douglas-fir
119 Tashsish River 56 S of Port McNeill, Northern Vancouver Island pristine west coast estuary
120 Duke of Edinburgh (Pine/Storm/Tree Islets) 125 NW of Port Hardy, Northern Vancouver Island seabird colony – largest in Queen   Charlotte Strait
122 Tsitika Mountain 554 S of Port McNeill, Northern Vancouver Island alpine communities, wet subalpine   forest, unusual terraced fen and small lake
129 Klaskish River 92 SW of Port Alice, Northern Vancouver Island estuary and alluvial forest in   Coastal Western Hemlock Zone, native oysters
138 Klanawa River 90 20 km SE of Banfield, Southern Vancouver Island Marbled Murrelets, as well as redwood   sorrel and other rare plants
151 Ballingal Islets .5 7 km NNE of Ganges, Saltspring Island, Southern Vancouver Island established to protect sea bird   nesting colonies; Glaucous-winged Gulls, Double-crested Cormorants and Pigeon   Guillemots