Strategic Plan

Friends of Ecological Reserves (FER)
Strategic Plan 2015-2020

FER Organizational Mandate – FER Mission, Purpose of
Ecological Reserves, Values and Goals


  • To support the role of Ecological Reserves (ER’s) in furthering understanding of natural processes and human interactions in ecosystems.

Purpose of Ecological Reserves

  • Ecological Reserves protect examples of representative and unique ecosystems of British Columbia. They are intended to serve as and provide natural benchmarks, research areas, educational resources and repositories of genetic materials and geologic features.
  • The Ecological Reserve system – in concert with other elements of British Columbia’s protected areas system and resource management regime – supports protection, study and understanding of ecosystems, their resiliency, ecological processes and natural elements.

FER Values

  • Attachment – We have a strong emotional and intellectual attachment to the values that ecological reserves represent.
  • Volunteers – We support local volunteers dedicated to specific ecological reserves.
  • Science – We value science-based understanding of ecosystems. ♦    Respect – We respect and gain understanding from the wisdom of elders connected to ecological reserves.
  • Youth – We value the energy of youth and strive to encourage their involvement in our organization and with ecological reserves.
  • Collaboration – We take a collaborative approach to issues and strive to work with partnership with other initiatives and organizations to accomplish our goals.
  • Focus – We undertake targeted and focused actions, based on our organization’s resources and priorities.
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Goals and Objectives Friends of Ecological Reserves 2015-2020

1)    To  support a strong, vital Warden Program.

    • Support the protection and management of the ER system.
    • Timely and appropriate assessment of the state of the ecological reserves system.
    • Ongoing, systematic inventory and monitoring of the ecological reserves.
    • Strong Ministry presence, and effective management and enforcement activities regarding ecological reserves, particularly where ecological reserves are most at risk.

2)    To support ecosystem resiliency, ecological processes and natural elements.

    • Support the study of ecological reserves that builds understanding of
    • Focused, funded priority research projects.
    • Credible, respected scientific advice and peer review for FER supported research.

3)    To support the development of a resilient and enduring science-based ecological reserve system.

    • Gaps and limitations of the current ecological reserve system are identified and understood.
    • The ecological reserve system is an integral part of the province’s biodiversity strategy.

4)    To raise awareness of the value of ecological reserves among targeted groups, including: local and provincial elected officials; public servants; neighbours of ecological reserves; and the conservation community.

    • Key stakeholders are aware of purpose and importance of ecological reserves.
    • Key stakeholders are aware of ecological reserves most at risk.

5)    To sustain a nurturing and effective organization that supports the maintenance and development of ecological reserves and the concepts underpinning them.

    • A sustainable, effective and energetic Board that is reflective and aware of the regions of BC and the expertise associated with ERs.
    • Staff and volunteers supported in learning and working effectively to achieve clear, commonly understood objectives and tasks.
    • A strong membership base
    • Sufficient funds to meet FER’s mandate.