Presentation on this website for Wardens meeting Feb 18, 2013

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The following is the original outline for the presentation by the Friends of Ecological reserves at the wardens meeting in Surrey on Feb 18/2013– technical difficulties meant a few items were missed so they are included here.(G.Fletcher)

1. Response from wardens for requests. Many wardens of the South Coast area have so far responded very well with reports and images to be included on the website.

2. Warden reports: here are some examples of some recent ones received:

  • Trout Creek– although outside the Vancouver area it is worthwhile to note one of our more prolific reporters.

3. Option to contribute directly to the website:

4. Photo galleries: Some examples that are on the website ..

5. Search on Photo sites: Flickr and Panoramio have enabled me to do a search for images and then contact photographers to be able to include their photos . Contributors are acknowledged on the page:

An example:

6. Videos–

  • We can include videos on the website, either as links to existing postings or as new submissions.

7. Posts relating to timely issues are fair game for the website. 2 examples below–