Update on Clack Creek Logging and Robert’s Creek Headwaters Forest

Posted May 25, 2020 | Categories : 156,ER Proposals,Logging old-growth,Rare Species,Reports,SARA |
May 26: Update from Elphinstone Logging Focus
Please note that Roberts Creek Headwaters Forest has been removed from the BCTS Planning Schedule.  For a few years it appeared as an OGMA, but they don’t want that designation.  
The BCTS Forest Planner at the time (Norm Kempe in Campbell River) urged us to contact FoER and have you folks submit it as an ER proposal so this is great that you’re re-presenting it to government.
ELF has found a rare site of Sitka Spruce – Salmonberry (Red Listed) in the park expansion area in a high-water table zone.  We counted and tagged over 90 trees. 
There’s a few Sitka here & there on the Coast, but never have we seen this many in one stand.  We took an Island Timberlands RPF here to have a look and he said “This is like being in Haida Gwaii.” We brought him here seeking a wider buffer on a block he was planning bordering the stand.  Luckily, he did revise his plan and provided a much wider buffer.  Its worth seeing and perhaps you’ll consider it meet your criteria for an ER?  Question on that:  are there any ERs sitting within provincial parks?  
Is the Clack Forest now removed from your list due to large areas of it being logged?  It went from a 30ha block down to 23 ha. Instead of one large opening when we first looked at it, its now a series of 4 openings.
Below are a few pictures of the Sitkas
May 15: Update for this month  from Elphinstone Logging Focus :
The Clack Creek Forest logging is completed with 2 of Tthe Rubus nivalis patches destroyed, with one partially impacted by being on a falling boundary and with 2 outside the block.
In the Clack Creek Forest one patch was affected by a new road (not one tree left to protect it) and a 2nd one impacted with one edge removed of trees.
They re-designed the block based on our input leaving the other 3 patches outside the block.  I subsequently found 3 more more patches.( of Rubus nivalis ). Is there any other zone in BC with this many occurrences?