Friends of ER Field trip to Mount Tzuhalem , April 2015

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On April 26 Board member Marilyn  Lambert organized a field trip to this Ecoreserve near Duncan. We were met by Ecological Reserve wardens Dave Polster and Genevieve Singleton who served as excellent guides through the reserve.

Below is a gallery of images.. comments to come later.


Genevieve- 4th from left identifying a plant.

Some views from Mount Tzuhalem:

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The group was made up of members of both the Victoria Natural History Society and the Friends of Ecological Reserves. Below is a picture of the Friends of Ecological reserves members. 2015-04-26ERgroup


Dave Polster explaining the Douglas Fir Control program that he did in consultation with BC Parks . An example of a girdled tree is shown here.

Sheryl Falls who was a participant on the field trip
has also sent us a link to this slide show.