Invasive Plant & Vegetation Monitoring Procedures for Wildfire Impacted Parks & Protected Areas

Posted January 28, 2013 | Categories : 100,22,33,77,Invasive Species,Management,Reports |

Judy Millar and Crystal Klym


  1. Establish vegetation transects and permanent photo monitoring points within wildfire impacted areas to monitor natural plant community and invasive plant response to wildfire.

See the complete 6 page PDF: millar_&_klym_2006_invasive_plant-monitoring_proceedures_parks_post_fire

    1. Vegetation transects and photo points will be established within wildfire impacted areas. The following influences will be considered to ensure representative sites are selected for data collection and monitoring:
      •   Existing burn severities (extreme, high, moderate and low);
      •   Dominant BEC zones/subzones (e.g. PPxh) within each burn severity;
      •   Adjacency to vectors1 (trails, parking lots, access roads, day use areas,campgrounds, toilet facilities, etc); and
      •   Fire suppression disturbances (fire guards).Specifically to invasive plants, vegetation transects and photo points will be established within post-wildfire treatment areas (chemical, mechanical and/or biological) to monitor treatment success; therefore, allowing for informed follow- up treatment recommendations. In addition, invasive plant specific monitoring will be implemented along utility corridors and fire suppression disturbances (fire guards) as well as parallel or perpendicular to vectors (trails, parking lots, access roads, day use areas, toilet facilities, etc).Vegetation monitoring and photo point establishment will assist in studying the following questions:
        1. What are the successional stages of natural plant community development over time (species composition, density, distribution, percent cover, coarse woody debris, litter, etc.)?
        2. What site characteristics (burn severity, aspect, slope, soil properties, water availability, etc) influence plant community response to wildfire?
    1. What invasive plant management and control methods are most effective given site characteristics and species composition?
    2. What invasive plants encroach on wildfire impacted areas and is there a relationship between burn severity and invasive plant species composition, distribution and density?