Haynes Lease Photos by Rosemary Taylor

Posted January 29, 2013 | Categories : 100,Photos,Rare Species |

Thanks to Rosemary Taylor who sent these pictures from a trip she made through the area in June  of 2012.  She wrote— “A few days later we got to Haynes Lease, and wandered around in a big field there, so here are a couple of pictures of the prickly pear which were in flower at the time, and a lovely wild hollyhock. There weren’t very many of those in that area, but they were such a pretty colour and very easy to spot as they were the tallest plant around at the time.”

The turtle crossing sign is located on the road which bisects the reserve. The wetlands on the Western side of the road provide ideal habitat for the rare Chrysemys picta bellii Western Painted turtle.  See this information from HAT. for identification .