Trout Creek Ecological Reserve Management Planning

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From the BC Parks website

Trout Creek Ecological Reserve Management Planning

BC Parks is preparing a management plan for Trout Creek Ecological Reserve.

Management Planning Schedule

  1. Initial planning and Terms of Reference Approval (in progress)
  2. Initial Public Input (closes January 31, 2012) and Development of the Draft Management Plans  (2012)
  3. Draft Management Plans Open for Public Review and Comment (2012)
  4. Development of the final approved management plans (2012)

    What are Your Views?

    At this stage in the management planning process you have an opportunity to provide information and express your opinion on how the protected areas will be managed.Your help is very much appreciated!

    How to Provide Initial Comments

    Your submission is due January 31, 2012

    1) You may complete an online comments form, or;2) You may download and print the comment form.Mail, email or fax the form to:Dani Tarangle, Planner
    BC Parks
    102 Industrial Place
    Penticton, BC V2A 7C8
    Phone: 250 490-8223
    Fax: 250 490-2223