2007 Invasive Plant Program Annual Report Okanagan Region

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The report is the Invasive Plant Program Annual Report for the Okanagan Region and includes inventories of invasive plants, activities undertaken, and recommendations for 2008.

Diffuse Knapweed single flower.. click to see whole plant

Designing and implementing an effective invasive plant program within the Okanagan Region is critical in fulfilling this mission and to ensure the long-term protection of our natural spaces. Invasive plant management within Okanagan Region provincial parks, protected areas, ecological reserves and lease back lands is coordinated by the Ecosystems Section of the ESD. Each year ESD and Parks and Protected Area (PPA) staff undertake an integrated pest management program which includes the completion of inventory, monitoring and treatments. Treatment methods include mechanical, biological and chemical. All chemical treatments are completed under Pest Management Plan #807-0002-2007/2012. All data and records collected are entered into the Ministry of Forests and Range Invasive Alien Plant Program database.  Ministry staff works collaboratively with other agencies where possible to increase program effectiveness and to optimize all agencies available resources. Partners in 2007 included the Boundary Weed Management Committee and South Okanagan Similkameen Invasive Plant Society and their partners.

Link to PDF report: 2007 Invasive Plant Annual Report Okanagan Region.