2004 Invasive Plant Program Annual Report Okanagan Region

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The report includes inventories of invasive plants, activities undertaken, and recommendations for 2005.

Link to PDF report: Invasive Plant Program Annual Report 2004 Okanagan Region.

Link to other information, data, and maps:

Invasive plant program management inventories and treatments were completed on
Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection (MWLAP), Environmental Stewardship
Division, Okanagan Region, provincial parks, protected areas and ecological reserve
s aswell as the Nature Trust of BC’s lease-back lands. All invasive plant management
projects, including biological, mechanical and chemical control, were completed under
Pest Management Plan (PMP) #671-0003-2002/2007 and Approval Letter (May 31,
2002). All invasive plant inventory and treatment records were entered into PENWEED© database
 and digitised into ArcView GIS. Provincial Inter Ministry Invasive Plant Committee funds ($43,500.00)
 allowed the Okanagan Region to focus inventory and treatment (mechanical and chemical)
initiatives within the fire affected areas: Anarchist PA, Myra-Bellevue PP, Vaseux PP, Vaseux PA
and Okanagan Mountain PP. These funds also enabled the creation of an Invasive Plant
Program Technician (IPPT) position (Auxiliary– STO3) from July 12, 2004 to
November 26, 2004.
Base budget funds ($24,000) permitted additional inventories and treatments (mechanical, biological and chemical)
on other priority areas (non-fire affected areas) throughout the Okanagan Region (White Lake Grasslands PA, Inkaneep PP, Kettle River
PP, Trout Creek ER, Bear Creek PP, Fintry PP, Ellison PP and the Vaseux Restoration Area).
Inventories were completed by contractors (OUC-Okanagan Mountain PP; Chris Wood-Vaseux PP/PA), BC Parks Rangers and the IPPT.
Mechanical control was completed by contractors (TerraFirm Forestry Consulting Ltd-Okanagan Mountain PP; John Kuli
-Kekuli PP), the Nature Trust of BC crew, BC Parks Rangers, Area Supervisors and the IPPT. Biological control agents (
Cyphocleonus achates, Larinus minutus and Galerucella calmariensis) were released at Hayne’s Point PP (purple loosestrife), Fintry PP (spotted and diffuse knapweed) and Kentucky-Alleyne PP (spotted knapweed).
 Chemical control (spot-treatment or wipe-on application) was complete
d by TerraFirm Forestry Contracting Ltd. In total, 6.023 hectares were treated with 5.8 liters of Tordon
22K (1.392 kilograms of picloram active ingredient) and 9.940 liters of Round-up (3.539 kilograms of glyphosate active ingredient).
Recommendations and a tentative work plan are provided as an appendix to this Annual Report. The projected cost estimate for the Okanagan Region’s Invasive Plant Program for 2005 is $63,746.46

For the complete document, link to PDF report: Invasive Plant Program Annual Report 2004 Okanagan Region.