Hidden Gems, Ecological Reserves of British Columbia


The hidden gems of British Columbia’s protected areas system are its ecological reserves, set aside for scientific study and education, not recreation. Two of the first ERs ever established sit above Columbia Lake at the headwaters of the Columbia Valley. Discover how a Czech refugee fleeing the Communists prompted B.C. to become the first jurisdiction in Canada to designate ERs. Learn how the ER system grew and the challenges that ERs face today. Find out about the two ERs in the headwaters of the Columbia Valley from one of the volunteer wardens entrusted by BC Parks to study and steward them, and the role these ERs play in maintaining connected landscapes for wildlife.

Here’s the link: to “Hidden Gems, Ecological Reserves of British Columbia”, the talk on the ecological reserves of B.C. that Jenny Feick gave to the Victoria Natural History Society on January 9, 2024.