Columbia Lake Ecological Reserve #20 Warden Report, 2023

The report is available in this PDF link

Columbia Lake Ecological Reserve Warden Report 2023_final

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Report completed by: Ian W. Hatter, ER Warden for Columbia Lake Ecological Reserve, and Dr. Jenny

Feick, ER Warden for Mt. Sabine Ecological Reserve. All photos were taken by Jenny Feick.

Report completion date: October 25, 2023

cological Reserve Warden Trip Report

ER Name: Columbia Lake Ecological Reserve (CLER), Ecological Reserve #: 20

Location: 4.5 km N of Canal Flats, Size: 32 ha, Date Established: May 4, 1971

Trip Dates: April 16, June 4, June 16, June 27, July 9, Sept. 9, and Oct. 20, 2023