Mahoney Lake Ecological Reserve #130 Warden’s Annual Report 2017

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Ecological Reserve #130 Warden’s Annual Report 2017
ER Name: Mahoney Lake
Warden: Kathryn McCourt
Report Date: December 5, 2017
February 11: 2:00 PM, +1, light SE breeze, light cloud, sun visible. Lake covered in snow except
around edges and a streak of open water down the centre. No visible garbage at pullouts.
Birds: Pygmy Nuthatch.
March 21. 3:15 PM, +5, wind calm, low cloud. Lake has 50% ice cover. Stream at north end
running with less volume and distance than last year. Picked up lots of garbage at sign pullout.
Buttercups (Ranunculus glaberrimus) blooming.
Birds: on lake: Mallard, Canada Goose, Bufflehead, Barrow’s Goldeneye, Ring-necked Duck,
American Widgeon, plus six other species.
April 9.
Walked around the lake; campers’ garbage on west side, little other.
Birds: Killdeer, Mallards, Canada Geese.
May 4: 7:45 AM, +11, N breeze, clouds clearing.
Plants blooming: Balsamroot (Balsamoriza sagitta), Lithophragma glabrum, L. parviflora,
Spring gold (Lomatium triternatum), Saskatoon (Amelanchier alnifolia), Shooting star
(Dodecatheon pulchella), Mertensia sp., Ranunculus, Vetch sp.
Birds: on lake: Canada Goose, Bufflehead, Ring-necked Duck, Mallard, Killdeer, Spotted
Sandpiper, plus 18 other species, including unusual Golden-Crowned Sparrow.


During my absence from June through September, Mark Gardiner monitored the ER monthly.
His reports:
Mahoney Lake ER (2017 visits )
June 2 – collected litter at parking pullouts and along roadway
June 12 – walked to kiosk from yellow gate (two trees across path – informed
Wendy and trees were removed by the time I next visited the area)
– collected litter
– saw a bear along NE shore of lake
July 16 – walked around at N and S ends of lake

– collected litter
– found small rock fire pit along lake shore at point near lake overview
parking area
August 17 – removed fire pit
– collected litter

– impressive display of foraging dragonflies at NE edge of lake (evening)

August 31 – walk around N and S ends of lake

– collected litter

September 21 – collected litter at parking pullouts and along roadway


October 9. 9:30 AM. Took photos from GPS pins (attached). Picked up a little garbage at sign
pullout. No other sign of human activity.
Time Spent: approximately thirteen hours.
Distance Travelled: approximately 1100 km.
Summary: Water level higher still than in 2016; approximately same amount of human
activity judging by litter. Thanks to Mark Gardiner for carrying out warden duties while I was