Warden’s Reports for Race Rocks

Posted August 1, 2017 | Categories : 97,Ecological Monitoring,Marine Reserves,Warden Reports |

Often when we visit special ecological areas our observations are restricted to a limited view. In 2021  Along with Jamie Frith, I visited six diverse Ecological Reserves  with the goal of revealing some of their special features from  a distant viewpoint as well as a close up one. Under a special permit from BC Parks, Jamie  used his drone and a macrophotographic camera to enable us to present a unique perspective on the reserves.  Race Rocks was one of the reserves that is represented in this video. We spent one one weekend out at Race Rocks in order to try to capture some of the unique aspects representative of Marine Island Reserves in BC. 

See the video : Zoom out – Zoom In .. A Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of BC Parks’ Ecological Reserves.


For the most recent wardens reports on Race Rocks, please refer to :

ER Warden Garry Fletcher

I have created the Race Rocks taxonomy where all the species photographed and/or videoed at Race Rocks are listed with their classifications . Check on this at: