McQueen Creek Ecological reserve #110 Warden’s report, 2011

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Date of visit :20 October 2011 

Details  :Introduction to reserve  

By Karen Willies, ER warden #110
with  Tod Haughton, Area Supervisor, Kamloops, BC Ministry of the Environment                                                                                                                                             Purpose of Visit:

This trip was an introduction for me, as the new Warden, to the McQueen Creek Ecological Reserve.  We walked the perimeter for an overview and GPS readings were taken at each corner.


There seems to be an adequate number of signs along the fence line, some with the old wording and some with the new wording .


A large number of the trees that were attacked by the pine beetle in the past are now dead and many of these fallen down with quite a few landing on the fence and in some cases causing damage to the fence.

The photos in the gallery below were taken by Tod Haughton,
Area Supervisor – Kamloops,   BC Ministry of Environmen




–      Poles around perimeter be removed

–      Trees across fence be removed

–      Fence be repaired where damaged by trees

–      Blank signs be removed