McQueen Creek Ecological Reserve #110 Warden’s report, 2012

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By Karen Willies, ER Warden #110

Date of visit  26 September 2012

 Details    Inspection

 Purpose of Visit

This visit was to check on the condition of the centre of the Reserve, as previous visits have only been a walkabout outside the perimeter to check on the shape of the fence.


A large number of the trees that were attacked by the pine beetle in the past have created a substantial buildup of fire fuel (photos 1 & 2). Evidence (photo 3) of the May 30th, 2012, human started Noble Creek fire about one kilometer from the Reserve. The old burnt remains (photo 4) of a tree in the centre of the Reserve, possibly caused by lightning.


Despite destruction by the pine beetle, there is a good show of new and young Ponderosa Pines (photos 5 & 6).

Suggestions (should resources become available)

        Poles outside the perimeter be removed

        Trees across fence be removed

        Fence be repaired where damaged by trees

        Blank signs be removed


The Reserve appears little changed since the 2011 visit.