Long-term Monitoring of Ecological Change in British Columbia Parks and Protected Areas

Posted February 1, 2013 | Categories : Climate change,Ecological Monitoring,Management,Reports,Research |

This report is by Pam Wright ( UNBC) and Tory Stevens( BC PARKS):

Ecological change results from a combination of natural and anthropogenic causes

Ecological change is accelerating from all causes
Major causes of change are climate change and habitat loss

Result: global losses of biodiversity

See the full PDF on this report at: wright_and_stevens

Vulnerability to exotic/invasive… Increased forest fire…Glacial/permanent snow pack retreat Increases in river temperatures Drying of wetlands Changing precipitation patterns Increase in forest pests/disease Extreme weather events Increased habitat fragmentation Major habitat shifts for wildlife Biogeoclimactic elevational shifts Increase in wind disturbance events Encroachment in grassland areas Increase in mass wasting events Encroachment in alpine areas Sea level rise/coastal inundation.