Trout Creek ER Warden’s Report July 9, 2012

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Visit to Trout Creek ER #7, July 9, 2012

    • I was in the ER by 5.30am to beat the heat. It was 25C at 7.20 with periods of cloud cover and I was appreciative of periodic breezes!
    • the ER is unusually green for this time of the year; even the Balsamroot has hardly started to deteriorate as it usually does in July.
    • it was very quiet and not a lot of activity, although I saw/heard 17 species of birds that I didn’t expect there this time of the year. I saw no mammals or sign of them, although a bear will no doubt soon show up the gorge on the few bushes laden with Saskatoon berries. Still no snakes this year.

Saskatoon, Amelanchier alnifolia from the FER placemat series.

      • the few insects consisted of bees and flies.
      • many flowers are in seed,but a good number are still in flower. Of these were only about 8 Mariposa Lilies, despite he wet spring. There are many fewer of this flower now than there was 10 years ago. Since the area where they grew best has been dominated by toadflax. I have blamed the lily’s demise on the increase of toadflax,with no proof however.
      • the Mecinas beetle has wreaked havoc on the toadflax. I saw no flowers today and the plants are all stunted and withered.

Ed  note: “Mecinus janthinus Germar, an oligophagous, univoltine stem‐borer of Linaria spp. M. janthinus is restricted to the genus Linaria and does not develop on snapdragon Antirrhinum majus, an important ornamental in North America. The weevil is widely distributed in Europe. It accepts and develops normally on plants from the target North American toadflax populations. Therefore, it should be relatively easy to establish M. janthinus where the control of L. dalmatica and L. vulgaris is required.”  (quote adapted from Biocontrol Science and Technology)

      • I pulled about 8 knapweed plants though out the ER and 3-4 rosettes from the old logging road. I saw no Sulphur Cinquefoil, so I may have pulled it all.
      • I saw no sign of human activity in the ER.
      • the drip fuel container has finally been removed.
      • I moved the ER sign that was about 30m north of the ER entrance right to the entrance so it is easier for the public to see.
      • the east-west fence is falling down rapidly at the top of the ER. I took some pictures and will send them to the BC Parks office. Repairs would be of minimal cost,  just T-bars.


Additional Note:

Laurie also reports on the passing of Enid Maynard

“Trout Creek’s  first warden (1980-92), Enid Maynard, died June 25th, 2012  at 95 years in a local care facility. I have always been so grateful that she asked me to be her replacement! She was a passionate environmentalist, tree huger and Summerland  Volunteer of the Year in 1999.”