Retaining the Flower Meadows

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Retaining the Flower Meadows: Douglas-fir Removal at Mount Tzuhalem Ecological Reserve

A presentation by Dave Polster at the BC  PROTECTED  AREAS  RESEARCH  FORUM , UBC Dec 6, 2011

2011 Research Coll Df encroachment presentation .

This is a presentation of a research program carried out in this ecological reserve.


The controversial action was taken to prevent the loss of rare plants which were being crowded out by proliferation of a dense understory of Douglas fir. Traditionally, fire controlled the succession of Douglas fir, but fire suppression in recent years has led to threaten the very plants for which the reserve was created.

This is an image of one of the rare plants this reserve was designed to protect: White-top Aster Sericocarpus rigidus Lindl.