Friends Board Members at BC Protected Areas Research Forum

Posted December 7, 2011 | Categories : Invasive Species,Issues,Management,News,Reports |

On Dec 5- 7,  2011 Four members of the Friends of Ecological reserve attended the BC Protected Areas Research Forum at UBC campus in Vancouver.

FoER Board members Mike Fenger and Rick page convened a special  session entitled:
Ecological  Reserves Where  do  we  go  from  here?  Management  of  Ecological  Reserves

Panelists  Vicky  Husband,  Briony  Penn  and  Don  Eastman  presented provocative arguments leading to an engaging discussion  with  the  audience  on  the  future  of  Ecological  Reserves  in  BC.  The   session was  recorded  and  the  FER  will  prepare  a  summary  paper  for  BC  Parks. 

  • What  is  the  special  role  of  Ecological  Reserves  for  research  that  distinguishes  them  from  other  Protected  Areas  in  BC?
  •  Should  Ecological  Reserves  be  managed  for  ecological   attributes  or  managed  to  protect  rare  species?
  •  Should  succession  be  allowed  to  operate  under  the  influence  of  climate  change?
  • What are the impediments to scientific research in ecological reserves?

The room was challenged to think how we can provide for sustainable futures of Ecological Reserves.  We were heartened to hear the response from the scientists, university grad students and BC Parks representatives in attendance.  

  • that ecological reserves were more important than ever as benchmarks in ongoing climate change
  • that they must be documented thoroughly
  •  that invasive species presented problems which have to be dealt with wisely
  • that climate change presents many unknowns and more research is neede to know how to handle succession problems wisely.
  •  that the ridiculous length of the permit process for research and education on reserves must be dealt with quickly, so as  not to discourage any more scientists from carrying out valuable non-consumptive research.

We will link the video of this session and a final report here in the future.