An analysis of Energy Output of the Race Rocks Tidal Current Generator.

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In April,  2009 Connor Scheu and Wouter Zwart, second year students at Lester Pearson College did this analysis from data supplied by Clean Current Connor communicated with Russ Stothers of Clean Current for his project;


powscurrspeed-300x213“Here is a simple synopsis of the project I will be doing this week. It is called a group four project (which pertains to the experimental science department here at the college), and the theme for everyone’s project is resource allocation/sustainability. Every student has to decide upon a project in which they will research something in this area. This usually involves the identification of a question, and then variables, presented in a lab format and accompanied by a presentation, but not overly formal.
For my project I really wanted to do something close to home, so I naturally thought of the tidal generator. I thought it would be so great if I could use this project to become more familiar with the project, and learn more about the field in general. It was for this reason that I wanted to contact you.”


See the paper at :