Skagit River Forest ER #21 Management Statement , 1990

Posted August 7, 1990 | Categories : 21,Management,Reports |
(This statement is intended for use in conjunction with the descriptive text and map pages supplied in the “Guide to Ecological Reserves in British Columbia”).File: 6-7-5-102-50 Date: 90-08-07
Features Requiring Special Management Consideration:None known;representative reserve. Proposals for all

Skagit River going through the Skagit River Forest Ecoreserve

reserves predated finalization of the Recreation Area status, and of lake flooding levels. Boundaries and distribution of reserves may therefore not be optimal under the present circumstances.

Management Issues:

Trespass wood cutting occurred in the reserve in 1986.

Management Actions Required and their Priority:

  1. Include this reserve in a general review of all Skagit ecological reserves.
  2. Ensure adequate signing in area of wood cutting and monitor for further trespass; liaise with Chilliwack Forest District for enforcement.

Fire, Insect and Disease Contingency:

  1. Avoid fires; if firefighting becomes necessary, avoid using chemicals and bulldozers in the reserve.
  2. No insect and disease control desired, unless outbreak in the reserve severely threatens surrounding forest resources.