Skagit River Rhododendrons ER #106 Management Statement

Posted August 7, 1990 | Categories : 106,Management,Reports |

(This statement is intended for use in conjunction with the descriptive text and map pages supplied in the “Guide to Ecological Reserves in British Columbia”).

Features Requiring Special Management Consideration:  File: 6-7-5-103-50 Date: 90-08-07

Population of the showy pink-flowered Pacific rhododendron (Rhododendron macrophyllum), a rare plant in B.C., restricted to the Skagit River watershed, Chilliwack River valley, and two small sites on Vancouver Island.


Proposals for all Skagit reserves predated finalization of the Recreation Area status, and of lake flooding levels. Boundaries and distribution of reserves may therefore not be optimal under the present circumstances.

The reason for the reserve’s disjuncted layout in two blocks was that the Ministry of Forests demanded an access corridor at the foot of the mountain and above the then planned maximum flooding level of Ross Lake.


Management Issues:

None known.

Management Actions Required and their Priority:

Include this reserve in a general review of all Skagit ecological reserves.

Fire, Insect and Disease Contingency:

  1. Avoid fires; if firefighting becomes necessary, avoid using chemicals and bulldozers in the reserve.
  2. No insect and disease control desired, unless outbreaks in the reserve severely threaten surrounding commercial forests.