Moore & Byers Island KBA reference

Posted September 19, 2023 | Categories : 23,Invasive Species,Marine Reserves,Reports |

BC Nature’s IBA/KBA Coordinator mentioned two areas that are ERs in his recent report to the BC Nature board.

Moore & Byers Islands (Byers Is. is one island of several in ER#103, no warden)

On the same trip as above we supported a joint trip to Moore and Byers Islands to set out trail cameras to detect invasive mammals on these critical breeding islands, and had an incidental discovery of American Mink. This information will go back to CWS as part of their seabird island predator monitoring project and hopefully result in eradication efforts which are required to safeguard 10% of the world’s Rhinoceros Auklets which breed here.

In a separate trip in June IBA Caretaker Walter Thorne led a seabird survey of this site which our IBA Assistant Coordinator is now working with him to officially report on and which we hope to use to leverage future surveys in partnership with KXSA.