Ecological Reserve #97 Warden Reports for Race Rocks

Garry Fletcher, ER #97 Warden notes: On many of my trips to Race Rocks I make a point of photographing or documenting changes or affirming past records on the website

  1. These observations can be found at :
  2. Since Race RocksEcological Reserve is the only reserve with a resident Ecoguardian provided by nearby Lester B. Pearson UWC College, we are fortunate to have a regular account of the happenings at Race Rocks available on the log pages of
  3. An animal census is kept on a weekly basis by the Ecoguardians at
  4. Real time  weather records and archival records are recorded on the reserve and are available at:
  5. Seawater Temperatures and Salinities are recorded daily and are archives at
  6. iNaturalist observations for Race Rocks are available at
  7. two live video cameras are located on the island showing daily live activity in the marine mammal and Seabird colonies.