Big White Ski Resort – Proposed Master Plan Update and Ecological Reserve Concerns


If they want to lob off 3.5 hectares, the least that can be done is adding another 3.5 hectares on another corner of the reserve and a considerably sized buffer zone, with fencing in the summer to prevent people from trashing the sensitive vegetation of the Ecological Reserve.  The opportunity for a major installation of a Kiosk in the development which educates the public about the Ecological Reserve and the importance of ensuring its integrity is also essential. 


1. On December 1 2020,  BC Parks sent this letter to the Central Okanagan Naturalists Club advising of the Big White Ski resort – Draft master plan Update and MDA placement.
3400274 CO Nat Club MP Referral 2020 12 01

2. That letter from BC Parks was followed up by a further letter of December 21  notifying the naturalist club of a on line meeting onJanuary 26, 2021:
3400274 OS Parks MDA MP Follow Up 2020 12 21

3. This page appeared on the BC government website: It is quoted in 6. below  in order to retain a permanent record.

4. Big White Ecological Reserve Warden Don Guild attended the virtual meeting on jan 26/2021 and posed the following questions via text on this public web engagement hosted by the Big White Ski Resort on their expansion plans via Skype 18:50 (no answer was given).

  • How will you ensure that there are no improper impacts on the Big White ecological reserve? 
  • Are there any buffers and connective wildlife corridors planned around the eco reserve so it doesn’t become an isolated “island”? 
  • Why isn’t the Big White Ecological Reserve shown on any of your maps?! 
  • To date, the Big White Ski Resort has been a good neighbour to the eco reserve!
As you will see when you open the expansion plan files, this will have a huge additional impact over a considerable area. 

5. A major concern is that there is a proposed boundary adjustment meaning that 3.5 hectares would be removed from the reserve.

See this pdf.    big_white_ecological_reserve_-_proposed_boundary_amendment.  It is also reproduced below.:

6. Big White Ski Resort – Proposed Master Plan Update & MDA Replacement

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What is this engagement about?
The Mountain Resorts Branch (MRB) of the Ministry of Forests, Land, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development has received a draft Resort Master Plan update and an application for replacement of the existing Master Development Agreement (MDA) from Big White Ski Resort Ltd.

The Master Plan is the conceptual plan for the resort, identifying the vision and phased development plans to build-out. The Master Plan is the reference point from which the MDA and all other authorizations are based. Big White Ski Resort is currently operating under an approved Master Plan (1999) and Master Plan Addendum (2018). The MDA is the contractual agreement between the Province and Big White that sets out the terms and conditions for resort development, including the right to acquire authorizations for recreational infrastructure on Crown land. Big White’s existing MDA was issued in November 1989 for a term of 50 years.

Following review and consultation, the draft Resort Master Plan update and the application to replace the MDA may be approved by the Province. If approved, the new All-Seasons Resort MDA would expire 60 years from the date of approval and sign off by the Province.

The public information session is to be posted here:

Public comments will be accepted until February 26, 2021.

Ways to Participate:

Mountain Resorts Branch Attention: Amber McAfee, Land Officer

510-175 Second Avenue Kamloops, BC V2C 5W1

How will my contribution make a difference?
An issues tracking spreadsheet will be maintained by MRB throughout the Master Plan review process. This is a living document that will be used to track questions or concerns received from agencies, stakeholders, First Nations and the public throughout the review period. The issues tracking spreadsheet will be shared with Big White and updates will be made to the draft Master Plan to mitigate the identified issues; if needed, specific conditions or commitments may also be included within the legal framework of the MDA. Provided that the issues have been resolved, the Master Plan will be finalized for acceptance by MRB and the statutory decision maker will determine whether the MDA application should be approved.

Details of the Engagement:Date: December 23, 2020 to February 26, 2021
Status: Open
Location: Province-wide
Category: Recreation & Parks
Types: Online, Email


7. BIG White Master Plan 1999






8. BIG WHITE Ski resort Master Plan Modification 2018







9. Big White Ski resort Terrain Stability Assessment- big_white_ski_pod_development_terrain_stability_assessment