Research Projects on Pink Mountain

Posted May 12, 2020 | Categories : 155,ER Proposals,Rare Species,Research,Warden Reports |

 Research Projects

Pink Mountain is an ideal location for many kinds of Arctic /alpine research. The summit plateau offers tundra, geological phenomena, most arctic/alpine plants, insects and butterflies. It is relatively close and has road access. The summit is long but narrow making any research site only a short distance from the road.

Botanical Studies: A wide range of Arctic/alpine plants occur here that are otherwise hard to access.

Geomorphology studies: Features such as Permafrost, Solifluction terraces, Frost boils, Tundra and rock rivers occur on the summit.

Insect studies: Numerous species of Arctic/alpine butterflies occur here including undescribed subspecies. A wide range of pollinators is also available for study.

Climate Change studies: Most arctic/alpine features along with the plants, insects and animals will be quickly affected by climate change.

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