Fraser River Ecological Reserve #76 Warden’s Report

Ecological Reserve Wardens Bev and Bill Ramey submitted this report on a visit to the Ecological reserve on October 29, 2019

See this pdf at:  FER #76 2019, October 29, for FER

Here’s a couple more things to add:

Rare Species tab, you could insert:

November 2019 saw a fresh water mussel shell, in similar location to shells found Dec 2014, and in a couple of other subsequent years. Here’s report from 2014:

We found a fresh water mussel shell.  It was identified by staff at Ministry of Environment as the endangered Western River Pearl Mussel.  We will look more carefully for shells in future trips.

Approximate location where Western River Pearl Mussel shell (dead) was found on Fraser River Islands Ecological Reserve #76 on December 7, 2014 (WGS 84):

10 U 571252 5447806

49.17892°N -122.02234°E

Species List

Under species list, we’ve created a hotspot on eBird, which is publicly viewable, at this link:

That eBird website is where the more recent bird lists are posted, with species and numbers.


A nice set of photos accompanies this report


Gravel swale channel between two upper islands now has deep water channel