Let the Old trees Grow Old

Posted May 15, 2019 | Categories : 118,Logging old-growth,Photos |

From: Pacific Wild

This article on the pacific Wild website presents excellent photos and a compelling story of the value of old growth forests.

“a visit to the rare old-growth fir forests of vancouver island

Old growth forest on Vancouver Island has reached almost mythical status. The swaths of clearcuts and second growth monocultures that now blanket the island have become the new normal, with boundaries publicly defined not by First People’s territories, but by logging tenures.

This is Interfor land. This is Western Forest Product territory. This area belongs to BC Timber Sales.

The tenure area signs resemble election signs promoting party candidates. We have logged over 90% of Vancouver Island’s low elevation ancient rainforest, and we’re adding about 34 soccer fields to that number every day. The few stands of old growth that are left are so special, so rare now that they require proper names: Cathedral Grove, Avatar Grove, Carmanah. Tourists know these names and flock to these isolated patches with checklists like a safari of rare species – the elusive ancient forests of BC. Remnants of the “old world”. We are drawn to them for some deeply innate reason—it is impossible not to be dumbfounded by them while looking up through the boughs of these elders.”