San Juan River Estuary Fauna Update

Posted July 24, 2017 | Categories : 141,Estuary,Field Notes,Marine Reserves,Photos,Species List |

Zoe Blunt has submitted several videos of Animals present in the Ecological reserve and a list of Animals she has observed on the reserve.

Mammal species in SJR ER
Little brown bat
Red squirrel
Least weasel
American mink
American marten
River otter
Black tailed deer
Harbour seal
Stellar sea lion
Black bear
Roosevelt elk

Zoe Blunt writes:

Here is a two-meter-long white sturgeon in the ER last summer:





 I only got a couple blurry seconds of this white Roosevelt elk
(leucistic, I assume) that has been hanging around my backyard (and
the ER) for the past month, along with a growing herd.




Salmon spawning in the driveway (technically not in the ER) during a
flood last November. . I’ll have to check my notes to see what species it is – the river has several runs.