Warden’s report : Comox Lake Bluffs March 22, 2016

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Amanda Vaughn has sent this wardens report on March 22, 2016

I made a visit to the reserve Wed aft, 16 March.  Broken cloud and sunshine but chilly!

Saxifrage rufidula rosette

Saxifrage rufidula rosette

  • Kinglets and chicadees, lots of water in the creeks, the several bridges look ever more dilapidated but I brought rubber boots and waded.
  • Dirt bike tracks on trail; met two walkers.
  • Up on the bluffs the moss and lichen are springy to touch, hairy manzanita and kinnickinnick are budding.  I noticed an arbutus with black splotches on its leaves just as you come out on the bluffs but others looked fine, some also in bud;  I have begun to pay more attention to the dead limbs on the arbutus and wonder how best to track such changes.
  • Many seeps of water running down the rocks, one plant of Saxifraga rufidula in flower, western bitter-cress in flower and lower on the bluffs in sheltered spots, chocolate lilies in bud.
  • Down at the meadow site, remains of an old campfire burned deep in the duff, but area generally clean and similarly clean at the ATV site though plenty of vehicle tracks.  Spikes of coral-root pushing through nearby, spring is bursting forth!
  •  Re the walkers: one mentioned he had found a tick on his body the week before, after a walk in the area.  I wish we could put up a sign or two to warn people about ticks because most people are unaware of the problem.