Warden Report for Comox lake Bluffs ER

Posted April 24, 2015 | Categories : 136,Warden Reports |

Spring gold



Mandy Vaughn, the warden for Comox Lake Bluffs ER has sent the following warden’s report:



I visited the reserve last week, 16 April.  The weather started overcast, but quickly turned sunny and warm.  The ATV party spot was fairly clean; a couple of firepits, not too large, with glass and cans.  I need to take a bucket for the glass.  A fallen tree, appx 1’ diam is being bucked up for firewood.  Remains of a large campfire down on the beach, I think I already mentioned the face plate of the sign down there has been removed.  The lake itself was calm and deep blue-green, very lovely; the glacier was hidden in cloud.  Taking the trail parallel to the beach through the woods, the main creek is still running, though the flow has diminished since last time I was there.  The dead roots of logged cedar stumps hanging over the banks of the creek show it once ran in a channel much more closed in than its present open bed.  The water in the creek reflected a gorgeous blue, like a jewel in the drab second growth woods!  Walking on, there was a large patch of yellow wood violets just before the meadow area.  That area shows signs of ATV tracks, but otherwise was pretty clean.  No recent fires.  Up at the bluffs I found a variety of wildflowers in bloom: Spring-gold, Sea blush, Meadow death-camas, Field chickweed, Blue-eyed Mary and possibly the first Chocolate lily.  I couldn’t find the grape fern, I’ll have to get Helen and Robbie to show me again where it is.  Parsley fern and Indian dream fern were shooting.  I noticed damage to the moss again and something that looked like a boot mark; walking on the bluffs when it is wet, moss is easily torn from the rock.  I took precautions against ticks, having all my clothes tucked in and wearing a broad brim hat!  A variety of birds, I added Stellar Jay and Yellow Warbler to my list.  The Pacific wrens were in full song and the woods were full of robins!
Thanks, Mandy