Oil Tanker YASA Passing very close to Oak Bay Islands Ecological Reserve

Posted April 24, 2015 | Categories : 94,Marine Reserves,Oil Spill Threat,Warden Reports |

Ecological reserve warden Marilyn Lambert submitted this photo showing within a short distance of Oak Bay Islands Ecological Reserve, this 61342 ton, 250 metre oil tanker passing through under tethered tug escort. ( Why the tug is tethered behind the ship is a good question??)

This is only one tanker out of 34 per month, some even larger than this which will pass through this narrow passage if the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline gets approved by the Canadian Government.

Oil tanker trafficP4200540

Oil Tanker YASA Golden Horn passes Oak Bay Islands ER: photo- Phil Lambert

Flag: Marshall Is (MH)
AIS Type: Tanker
Gross Tonnage: 61342
Deadweight: 116095 t
Draught: 11.4 metres
Length × Breadth: 248.96m × 43.84m
Year Built: 2007
The location is where Haro Strait turns into Juan de Fuca Strait.