Table including Kinder Morgan/Transmountain’s response to FER

Posted December 5, 2014 | Categories : Ecological Monitoring,Marine Reserves,Oil Spill Threat,Reports |

In the first round of information requests , FER submitted 14 questions and had responses issued from Trans Mountain.

We reviewed those answers and found that most of them were wholly inadequate as proper responses .  Most of their justifications for their responses to our round one information requests which we rated as inadequate came back with the following comment repeated :

  • “The requested information has been provided and Trans Mountain’s response is full and adequate. The response provides the Board with all necessary information pertaining to this matter. There is no further response required and supplementing the original response will not serve any purpose. Trans Mountain notes that if the Intervenor disagrees with the information contained in the response, it may contest the information through evidence or final argument.”

The following  pdf shows the four column summary of this round of questions, including the non-reponses of Kinder Morgan.