Trout Creek Ecological Reserve Warden report June 20, 2014

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Laurie Rockwell, Ecological reserve warden visited the Trout Creek Ecological reserve today with the intent of surveying the foot of the rock bluff on the east side. He writes, “

  • ◦  I had not spent concentrated time in this area and wanted to survey flora,fauna and the landscape.I went roughly NW from the gate for about 75-100m and then traversed the steep grass and talus slope until I got to the 700m level. I walked SE,S and W in a sort of half circle until I got to a point midway on the W side. At this point I climbed to the top of the ridge and gradually descended the steep slope until I got to the fence.

◦  Laurie  found this Mock Orange Philadelphus lewisii) and small Ponderoa Pine ,Pinus ponderosa

Pictures of two of the grasslands on the W side.

◦  Laurie goes on to say ” I found no new flora of fauna, but was delighted to casually count 41 red-listed DALLES MILK-VETCH (Astragalus sclerocarpus) on the SW and S slope in their diagnostic seed pods. I did however, find a new insect on a Wavy-leaved Thistle (Cirsium undulatum)6 beetles that ranged in colour from amber to orange to burnt red. They had varying black marks on the dorsal surface that hinted at wings, The largest had ant-like pincers and antennae. I saw this insect 2 weeks ago on the reserve on a Hoary False Yarrow plant (Chaenactus douglasii). I also found some very large scat on a game trail leading up to the bluff. Scatology is not my forte, but it appeared to be bear scat consistent with a low carb diet of grasses.”

Thanks to Laurie Rockwell for this report .