Comox Lake Bluffs Warden’s Report, August, 2013

Posted August 20, 2013 | Categories : 136,Human Disturbance,Warden Reports |

Warden’s report from Mandy Vaughan:

A report from our Aug 20 trip to the bluffs: Two large firepits in the carpark area, I know for sure had been built sometime during the total fire ban. In the woods where the trail meets the beach, evidence of camping included firepits, several hacked down trees and branches, and ugly notches hacked into a larger tree to support a (kitchen) bench, with a horizontal tarp support lashed above it. Charley and I did what we could to dismantle the campsite and carried out a large piece of carpet together with other garbage. A homemade raft with outboard was sitting at the beach edge. I hope to go back this week to check if it’s still there. Nothing much new at the meadow campsite. Swimmers at the beach appeared to be day visitors only. The bluffs looked good, flowers mostly over but the mosses and lichens were plumped by recent showers.

Mandy Vaughan