Vance Creek Photo gallery October, 2012

Posted October 22, 2012 | Categories : 30,Field Trips,Issues,Management,Photos |

On  October 12, 2012, the Vance Creek Ecological Reserve Warden Rick Fairbairn met with Garry Fletcher, Friends of Ecological Reserves Board member  and Niran Lella to talk about the reserve, its problems and its special features.  A walk through several areas  and a drive to a heavily logged area above the reserve demonstrated to us some of the problems. It seems very odd that clearcut logging would be permitted above the reserve like this, but apparently with no adequate buffer zones, this is bound to happen. The fact that the Deafies Lake Forestry road runs right through the reserve is a large part of the problem. It even provides access to a  cliff above the reserve for a local paragliding group. With all the activity in the reserve, trail building , footbridge building and the like, it seems that many people in the local community do not really understand the reason for an Ecological Reserve.  Several management problems are evident, and it would appear that if these are not dealt with by BC Parks, further deterioration of the reserve will ensue. The gallery below shows some of the images taken by Garry and Niran.