Mahoney Lake ER Panoramas, October, 2012

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On October 8, 2012, Niran Lella took the panoramas below while on a trip with Garry Fletcher and the Mahoney lake Ecological Reserve warden Kathryn McCourt .  Kathryn commented on the fragility of the lake, a rare meromictic or non-mixing lake which has unique chemical properties. She also pointed out the invasive species in the higher forested area at the south end. Efforts at control are always ongoing.

The main threat comes from the open access to the public. It is near a public road and BC Parks have provided an easy entry gate.  A sign inside the reserve relates the details of why the lake is so unique, but there is no way to control activities.

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East side of the lake.

East side of the lake, note footprints in the mud.

View from the south end of the lake. This year it has the lowest water level ever seen by the locals.

South side.