Field’s Lease Photo Gallery from Field Trip, October 2012

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On October 8, 2012 myself and Niran Lella visited Field’s Lease, the first of 11 Ecological Reserves in the Okanagan visited that week. We were not able to time this  visit with the warden Robert Calder since  he was away that week.

Issues: The reserve is very small and is surrounded by vineyards to the East and North and a pasture to the west.  Of most concern is the very close proximity to the vineyards very close to the reserve  with only a narrow private road as a buffer. During this season when ripe grapes are on the vine, canons are  frequently fired automatically to scare birds from the vineyards . It is unlikely that migrating birds would find the reserve a refuge at this time of year. The loud bangs came from several directions. Click on the  images  in the gallery below taken by myself and Niran for an expanded view.
October 8, 2012 Garry Fletcher