Trout Creek Warden Report, March 9, 2012

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Warden report by Laurie Rockwell, March 8 2012

  • it was mild day (4C at 8.30am) with periodic gusts of cold air. Snow cover was from 0-5cm, mostly in sheltered areas.
  • I saw or heard 6 species of expected birds. The only returning migrants were a few robins.
  • 5 plants were in leaf and the Saskatoons were in bud. I saw no leaves of knapweed or Sulphur Cinqufoil.
  • I saw no mammals and heard only one squirrel. I did ,however, see deer tracks and coyote scats.
  • there was no sign of human activity.
  • fence repairs are outstanding,of course.
  • the ER sign on the E-W fence, at the top needs to be replaced. If you have one I can put it up myself.
  • the frost is coming out in the open areas.

Photo by Ryan Murphy.