Update on Gulf Island Marine Park Ecological Reserves,

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From : Todd Golumbia, Ecologist  Gulf Islands National Park Reserve,  March 2012
Since the Park was established, we have undertaken ecosystem mapping of the southern gulf islands including these areas.  Both ERs have field plot data for the mapping but it not extracted from the larger data set.  We have also done flora surveys on Brackman along with other islets managed by the park. As you know, Brackman is in pretty nice shape and we have been clearing broom from the site since 2004.

The Island is “zone 1” access by permit only.

Our monitoring program measures a number of things in the park but we have not extracted specific data for the former ERs.  There are songbird plots for Saturna which also include forest structure (habitat) measures. These
have been done for 4 years now.

Drs. Liana Zanette and Michael Clinchy have done work on Portland and Brackman for about 12 years and have done quite a bit of work with songbirds and predators. Their work is published in science journals and on Lianna’s
website.  Peter Arcese has also done some work there.

We have done extensive archaeological surveys on islets including Brackman. There are numerous resources here and we have done some mitigation work toward their conservation. Similar surveys have been done on inland Saturna
but not as detailed.

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