Plant Species List July 2011 for Trout Creek

Posted July 28, 2011 | Categories : 7,Rare Species,Species List |

 Laurie Rockwell wrote:
This plant  list is based on Shirley Lamour’s 1975 MA plant thesis, my findings, and those of Don Gayton, l ocal ecologist with FORREX and compiler of this list. We and MOE staff were excited to find almost 100 of the red-listed Dalles Milkvetch this year. It was last reported in Lamour`s findings and there is only one other (Okanogan) site in BC.


Scientific name Common name Type source Native/Nonnative comments
Acer glabrum Douglas maple tree Rockwell N
Achillea millefolium yarrow forb Larmour  N
Achnatherum occidentale stiff needlegrass grass Larmour  N
Agoseris glauca short-beaked agoseris forb Rockwell N
Alyssum desertorum desert alyssum forb Larmour  NN
Amelanchier alnifolia saskatoon shrub Larmour  N
Antennaria corymbosa flat-top pussytoes forb Larmour  N
Antennaria dimorpha low pussytoes forb Larmour  N
Antennaria parviflora Nuttall’s pussytoes forb Larmour  N
Antennaria rosea rosy pussytoes forb Larmour  N
Antennaria umbrinella umber pussytoes forb Rockwell N
Apocynum androsaemifolium spreading dogbane forb Larmour  N
Aristida longiseta red threeawn grass Larmour  N
Arnica sororia twin arnica forb Larmour  N
Artemisia campestris northern wormwood forb Larmour  N
Artemisia dracunculus tarragon forb Rockwell N
Artemisia frigida prairie sagewort forb Larmour  N
Artemisia tridentata big sagebrush shrub Rockwell N
Asclepias speciosa showy milkweed forb Rockwell N
Asparagus officinalis garden asparagus forb Larmour  NN
Astragalus  collinus hillside milkvetch forb Rockwell N
Astragalus miser timber milkvetch forb Larmour  N
Astragalus purshii wollypod milkvetch forb Larmour  N
Astragalus sclerocarpus Dalles milkvetch forb Larmour  N
Balsamorhiza sagittata arrowleaf balsamroot forb Larmour  N
Boletus edulis king bolete fungus Rockwell N
Brickellia oblongifolia narrow-leaved brickellia forb Martin N
Bromus tectorum cheatgrass grass Larmour  NN
Calamagrostis rubescens pinegrass grass Larmour  N
Calochortus macrocarpus sagebrush mariposa lily forb Larmour  N
Capsella bursa-pastoris shepherd’s purse forb Larmour  NN
Castilleja longispica forb Larmour  N no record in BC
Castilleja thompsonii Thompson’s paintbrush forb Rockwell N
Ceanothus sanguineus redstem ceanothus shrub Larmour  N
Centaurea diffusa diffuse knapweed forb Larmour  NN
Chaenactis douglasii  hoary false yarrow forb Rockwell  N
Chenopodium fremontii Fremont’s goosefoot forb Larmour  N
Chenopodium leptophyllum narrow-leaved goosefoot forb Larmour  N
Cirsium undulatum wavy-leaved thistle forb Rockwell N
Cladonia fimbriata powdered trumpet lichen Larmour  N
Cladonia pyxidata pebbled pixie-cup lichen Larmour  N
Comandra umbellata v. pallida pale comandra forb Larmour  N previously C. pallida
Coscinodon calyptratus steppe mouse-moss moss Rockwell N
Crepis atrabarba slender hawksbeard forb Larmour  N
Delphinium umbellatum forb Larmour  N no record in BC
Delphinum nuttallianum upland larkspur forb Larmour  N
Descurainia pinnata western tansy mustard forb Larmour  N
Diploschistes scruposis lichen Larmour  N
Eleagnus commutata silverberry, wolf willow shrub Larmour  N
Elymus cinereus basin wildrye grass Rockwell N
Epilobium angustifolium fireweed forb Rockwell N
Epilobium brachycarpum tall annual willowherb forb Larmour  N previously E. paniculatum
Ericameria nauseosa common rabbit-brush shrub Larmour  N previously Chrysothamnus nauseosus
Erigeron divergens diffuse fleabane forb Larmour  N
Erigeron filifolius threadleaf fleabane forb Larmour  N
Erigeron pumilus shaggy fleabane forb Larmour  N
Eriogonum heracleoides  parsnip-flowered buckwheat forb Larmour  N
Eriogonum niveum snow buckwheat forb Larmour  N
Festuca campestris rough fescue grass Larmour  N previously F. scabrella
Festuca idahoensis Idaho fescue grass Rockwell N
Festuca saximontana Rocky Mountain fescue grass Larmour  N
Gaillardia aristata brown-eyed Susan forb Larmour  N
Geum triflorum old man’s whiskers forb Larmour  N
Grimmia affinis moss Larmour  N
Gypsophila paniculata baby’s breath forb Rockwell NN
Hesperostipa comata needle-and-thread grass grass Larmour  N
Heterotheca villosa Golden-aster forb Larmour  N previously Chrsyopsis villosa
Heuchera cylindrica round-leaved alumroot forb Larmour  N
Ipomopsis aggregata scarlet gilia forb Larmour  N previously Gilia aggregata
Juniperus scopulorum Rocky Mountain juniper shrub Larmour  N
Koeleria macrantha junegrass grass Larmour  N
Lactuca serriola prickly lettuce forb Larmour  NN
Lappula occidentalis flatspine stickseed forb Larmour  N previously L. redowski
Lepidium campestre field pepper-grass forb Rockwell NN
Lepidium densiflorum prairie pepper-grass forb Gayton N
Lesquerella douglasii Columbia bladderpod forb Larmour  N
Letharia vulpina timber wolf lichen Larmour  N
Lewisia rediviva bitterroot forb Larmour  N
Linanthus pungens prickly phlox forb Larmour  N previously Leptodactlylon pungens
Linaria genistifolia Dalmatian toadflax forb Larmour  NN
Lithophragma parviflorum small-flowered woodland star forb Larmour  N
Lithospermum ruderale lemonweed forb Larmour  N
Lomatium dissectum fern-leaved desert-parsely forb Gayton N
Lomatium geyeri Geyer’s desert-parsley forb Larmour  N
Lomatium macrocarpum large fruited desert parsley forb Larmour  N
Mahonia aquifolium tall Oregon grape shrub Larmour  N
Microseris nutans nodding microseris forb Larmour  N
Opuntia fragilis brittle prickly pear cactus forb Larmour  N
Peltigera canina dog pelt lichen Larmour  N
Penstemon fruticosus shrubby penstemon forb Larmour  N
Phacelia hastata silverleaf phacelia forb Larmour  N
Phacelia linearis threadleaf phacelia forb Larmour  N
Philadelphus lewisii mock-orange shrub Larmour  N
Pinus ponderosa ponderosa pine tree Larmour  N
Plantago patagonica woolly plantain forb Larmour  N
Poa bulbosa bulbous bluegrass grass Larmour  NN
Poa compressa Canada bluegrass grass Larmour  NN
Poa pratensis Kentucky bluegrass grass Larmour  NN
Poa secunda Sandberg’s bluegrass grass Larmour  N
Polygonum douglasii Douglas’ knotweed forb Rockwell N
Pseudotsuga menziesii Douglas-fir tree Larmour  N
Pseudoregneria spicata bluebunch wheatgrass grass Larmour  N
Pyrocomma carthamoides Columbia goldenweed forb Larmour  N previously Haplopappus carthamoides
Pyrola asarifolia pink wintergreen forb Rockwell N
Ranunculus glaberrimus sagebrush buttercup forb Larmour  N
Rhinanthus minor Yellow rattle forb Rockwell N
Rhytidiadelphus triquetris electrified cat’s tail moss moss Larmour  N
Ribes cereum waxy currant shrub Rcokwell N
Rosa woodsii prairie rose shrub Larmour  N
Selaginella densa compact selaginella moss Larmour  N
Selaginella wallacei Wallace’s selaginella moss Rockwell N
Silene antirrhina sleepy catchfly forb Larmour  N
Silene douglasii Douglas’ campion forb Larmour  N
Sporobolus cryptandrus sand dropseed grass Rockwell N
Stephanomeria tenuifolia narrow-leaved stephanomeria forb Rockwell N
Symphoricarpus albus common snowberry shrub Larmour  N
Taraxacum officinale common dandelion forb Larmour  NN
Tortula ruralis sidewalk moss moss Larmour  N
Tragopogon dubius yellow salsify forb Larmour  NN
Vulpia octoflora six weeks fescue grass Larmour  N
Woodsia scopulina mountain cliff fern fern Larmour  N
Zigadenus venenosus meadow deathcamas forb Larmour  N