Det San ER #154 Overview

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Det San Ecological Reserve (5.8 ha):  This site, close to the Town of Smithers, is being established as an ecological reserve as a result of a private land acquisition. Det san is the Wet’suwet’en name for “juniper”, as it contains a regionally rare example of old-growth juniper.


The area also protects rare and sensitive grassland and savannah ecosystems on a steep south-facing slope. This ecosystem provides critical winter and early spring range for deer, and excellent habitat for moose and resident and migratory songbirds.

OVERVIEW  : To  protect  a  regionally  rare  example  of  old-­growth  juniper.   Det San is the Wet’suwet’en name for Juniper

Physical: Steep  west-­facing  slope.

Biological: The  reserve  protects  rare  and  sensitive  grassland  and  savannah   ecosystems  on  a  steep  west-­facing  slope.  This  ecosystem  provides  critical   winter  and  early  spring  range  for  deer,  and  excellent  habitat  for  moose,   American  black  bear  and  resident  and  migratory  songbirds.



Aspen  (Populus  tremuloides)
Deer  (Odocoileus  spp.)   Moose  (Alces  americanus)   Black  Bear  (Ursus  americanus)

Ecological reserves are not created for outdoor recreation.  This reserve requires a permit for entry.

Most ecological reserves, however, are open to the public for non-destructive pursuits like hiking, nature observation and photography. Consumptive activities like hunting, freshwater fishing, camping, livestock grazing, removal of materials, plants or animals are prohibited by regulation in ecological reserves. Motorized vehicles are not allowed. Research and educational activities may be carried out but only under permit.

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