Tranquille # 29-Warden’s Report 1986 -2006

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Prepared by Eco-Warden Eric McAlary
1986    Appointment as warden in Feb. Fire in reserve (June) caused by spark from chain saw. Culprits phoned in fire and fled. 20-25 small fir trees killed. Over 60 mature pines had been illegally cut and removed.
Recommendation:    Fencing needed. Visited with Carl Powel in Oct. Recommendation:    Ditching road of reserve.
1987    3 visits. New signs & posts, especially at the road entry used by tree cutters (near S.W. border). Ditching completed in August. 20 more p pines cut in 1987 photos taken (slides) and sent to Victoria. Photos now in hands of Bob Scheer.
1988    3 visits. Ok. Some garbage pickup.
1989    3 visits. Ok. Signs of access and camping. Garbage removed.
1990    4 visits. Ok. Debris from camping picked up in April. New ditch extension to S.W. beyond reserve to cattle guard.
1991    6 visits. July visit with Debbie Funk and Carl Powell. 2 hr. walk. Discussion regarding future fencing. Should cattle be in an ecological reserve? Our answer was no. Six new signs put up during the year.
1992    4 visits. Access evident. Garbage picked up on 3 visits. Visit with Debbie Funk in July to install new post and sign.
1993    4 visits. Ok. Fence was installed in the summer on 3 sides of reserve. 1994    3 visits. Ok. No evidence of activity. 1995    4 visits. Ok. 1996    3 visits. Ok. Minor garbage pickup.
1997    3 visits. Ok. B.C. Parks arranged knapweed pulling in July ␣ more treatment is needed as the amount of knapweed was more than expected.
Biological control agents targeting knapweed roots were seen around this time but the date of release is uncertain. Seven vegetation plots set up by Bob Scheer and Hans Roemer (BC Parks) to establish a base of vegetative diversity and quantification prior to planned burn on 1998.
1998    3 visits. Ok.
1999    4 visits. Planned burn started April 1st. Visited April 2nd ␣ still burning fire allowed to run free. Some concern with this strategy by concerned citizens. Visited April 14th with Bob Scheer and Joan Best (KNC). Fire accomplished objective of reducing detritus on ground to avoid a possible catastrophic fire. Fire still burning.
May plant study Bob Scheer and Andre Arsenault (MoF) looking at 7 vegetation plots set up in 1997.
2000    3 visits. Ok. 2001    3 visits. Some garbage pickup. Camping signs.

2002    3 visits. Extensive garbage pickup April 18th. Overnight camping, 2 tents.
2003    3 visits. Burn of approximately 3 hectares caused by hot muffler in tall grass on S.W. corner of reserve. Fire phoned in by driver of car. Fire retardant dropped from plane quickly to minimize size of fire. One tree burned ␣ had to be cut down. Extensive fence damage to 12 posts & 15 spacers. Visited with Bruce Petch on Nov. 6th. Details of damage listed and Bruce arranged repair.
2004    6 visits. April 15th fence repair from fall fire completed. All ok. Did some branch cleanup; April 15th. Walked west fence. Reported repair needed because of fallen trees; April 21st -walked east fence & reported it needed repairs; June 6th – walked the south fence and reported gate problem at S.E. corner. Problems listed were all dealt with during the year.
2005    7 visits. March 7th reported dead small fir and pine as a result of 2003 burn. Reviewed new growth in fire area, healthy grasses, no major loss of prickly cactus.
June – located 7 vegetation plots with Bob & Wilma Scheer. Bob recorded GPS reading and forwarded to Bruce Petch. June ␣ with Bob & Wilma, recorded current status of growth in the 7 plots counted in 1997 prior to 1999 fire.
Visited reserve with Bruce Petch. Walked area of 2003 fire noting mountain pine beetle attack on stressed trees.
2006    5 visits. Replaced 11 signs and added 1 new sign. Visited reserve with Doug Lewis of MOE, at his request. Took digital pictures of reserve in Nov. as general reference of status of mountain pine beetle damage. Photos forwarded to Tod Haughton.