Drizzle Lake ER 52 Management Statement

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MANAGEMENT DIRECTION STATEMENT September 2004  PDF File:drizzle_lk

Excerpt below:

Ecological Reserve Statement
Conservation Role
Drizzle Lake Ecological Reserve serves a conservation role within the British Columbia protected areas system. The ecological reserve protects an international significant and critically imperiled population of giant black stickleback that is one of only three known populations in British Columbia. The ecological reserve also protects provincially significant wildlife and plant communities including the red-listed ermine (haidarum subspecies) and blue-listed northern saw-whet owl (brooksi subspecies), unique high moor bogs and related forest ecosystems.
Research and Education Role
Drizzle Lake Ecological Reserve offers unique scientific research opportunities for internationally and provinciallysignificantwildlifeandprovinciallyandregionallysignificantplantcommunities. Thegiant black and threespine stickleback populations are endemic to the area and coexist with coho salmon, Dolly Varden, and cutthroat trout. Due to the sensitivity of the area, scientific and educational use should be limited. However, as Drizzle Lake contains one of only three giant stickleback populations known, scientific research and monitoring must be conducted to determine if introduced species are present (mainly beaver).